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Oral pathology is concerned about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of various oral diseases- including oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the most fatal diseases of the mouth, but misconceptions regarding this disease are common and often misleading. Here are the common misconceptions about oral cancer:

Only Smokers Get Oral Cancer

It’s still possible for you to develop oral cancer even though you don’t smoke, but for people who smoke, there’s an increased chance of developing the disease. Studies also show that heavy drinkers also have an increased risk of developing oral cancer.

Oral Cancer is Rare

Oral cancer is not rare. Close to 54,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral and oropharyngeal cancer each year and about 13,500 individuals die from this fatal disease. This type of cancer ranks sixth in the list of most common cancers in the world.

I can’t Protect Myself from Oral Cancer

You can! You can start by practicing good oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth healthy will help keep your oral health at its optimum and free from any serious oral diseases, including oral cancer. Regular dentist visits also play an important role in identifying any oral pathology Aventura issues while it’s still in its curable stage. Also, try to quit smoking, minimize your alcohol intake, and eat more vegetables. Avoid long exposure to the sun can also help avoid lip cancer.

Only Old People Develop Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can happen to anyone. It does not knit pick on who its next victim will be. But your risk of developing oral cancer increases when you reach the age 50 and above. However, an increasing number of young adults are diagnosed with oral cancer, because of the possible link between cancer and HPV. Your genetics also plays a role in developing the disease.

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Oral pathology Aventura FL plays an important role in seeking treatment for various oral diseases, including oral cancer. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we offer oral cancer screening that can help diagnose oral cancer at its curable stage. Contact us today for inquiries!