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There are so many oral pathology Aventura FL myths that often mislead people, which could result in serious consequences. That's why having adequate knowledge and understanding about it is important so you can take the necessary actions to help prevent the development of deadly diseases, like oral cancer, in your body. Here are some oral pathology myths debunked:

Young Adults Are Less Likely to Develop Oral Cancer

Although people in their early 60s indeed have the highest possibility of oral cancer, studies also show that oral cancer rates for those younger than 40 have increased over the past years. Especially for those young people who frequently engage in marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, and sexual contact are in high-risk of getting it.

Pain is the Number One Indicator of Oral Cancer

Not all patients who have been diagnosed with oral cancer experience any pain before being diagnosed, but some do. This means that cancer may progress without any symptoms, which can hamper early treatment. That’s why it’s essential to get screened of oral cancer at least once a year.

Dental Professionals Can Detect Oral Cancer Immediately

Most patients assume that dental professionals can tell immediately if they have oral cancer or not. But this isn’t true. If your dental professional suspects that you’re manifesting symptoms of oral cancer, then a series of lab test will be conducted to identify if it contains cancer cells. Oral pathology Aventura FL can also help identify and manage oral cancer.

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Oral Pathology Aventura FL

Don’t let myths stop you from getting the early treatment that you deserve. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we can provide you with the best care and treatments thanks to our team of experienced oral surgeons who are knowledgeable about oral pathology Aventura FL and possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee success. Call us for inquiries or visit our website for more info!