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Various oral cancers are discovered during routine dental check-ups. But because oral cancer doesn’t always show symptoms in its early stages, paying extra attention to any changes in your mouth is critical, especially if you smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. Aside from undergoing oral cancer screening, there are other tests and procedures created for diagnosing oral cancer that you can undergo to help detect oral cancer while it's still at its curable stage. Here are the tests or oral pathology Aventura FL procedures designed for diagnosing oral cancer:

Barium Swallow

This type of test will show any irregularities in your larynx, pharynx, mouth and surrounding areas if there are any. It can also detect small early oral tumors.


Oral pathology Aventura FL biopsy is used to confirm an oral cancer diagnosis. It is the process of getting a sample of tissues or cells and then sending it to the lab for testing. This procedure is normally conducted before treatment begins.

Dental Exam

Taking a dental exam is necessary before you undergo treatment, especially if radiation is a part of your treatment plan. If your teeth or other structures in your mouth need to be taken out as a part of the treatment plan, a prosthodontist will make you prosthetic replacements to guarantee comfort, function, and appearance after your treatment.


Endoscopy may be necessary to check hard-to-see areas of your mouth, like your larynx and the area behind your nose.

Indirect Pharyngoscopy and Laryngoscopy

Both procedures involve spraying your nose or the back of your throat with numbing medicine to prevent pain. Your pharynx and larynx will be checked as well as your head and neck because if you're diagnosed with oral cancer, the chances of you developing cancer in neighboring areas are also possible.

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