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Oral pathology Miami Beach plays a crucial role in helping identify and treat oral cancer. But the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis and being well informed about the disease. Knowing the essential information about oral cancer, as the risk factors, symptoms, prevention, and treatment can also help prevent the disease from further advancing or developing in the first place. In this article, we will discuss to you the risk factors of oral cancer and what you can do to prevent it.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a disease of the mouth that commonly forms in the squamous cells, which line the lips, gums, tongue, and mouth. Even though not all growths or tumors in the mouth are cancerous, some can be precancerous, meaning there's a chance that it can become cancer.

Risk Factors

A risk factor is anything that increases your possibility of getting cancer. Most cases of oral cancers are linked to risk factors, but there are also cases wherein patients develop oral cancer without any traces of risk factors. Here are some of the risk factors of oral cancer:

  • Tobacco use or smoking, chewing betel quid and drinking.
  • Age: people over 45 are more prone to developing oral cancer.
  • Prolonged sun exposure can lead to lip cancer.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Lichen Planus
  • Has a history of neck or head cancer.
  • Ill-fitting dentures.
  • Exposure to radiation.
  • Having Fanconi’s anemia or dyskeratosis congenita.


Oral pathology Miami Beach shows that oral cancers are one of the most preventable types of cancer. To prevent them from developing, here's what you can do:

  • Practice good oral hygiene.
  • Visit a dentist regularly.
  • Undergo oral cancer screening the moment you suspect you have oral cancer or notice any symptoms.
  • Avoid heavy alcohol drinking.
  • If you’re wearing dentures, have them evaluated by a dentist every 5 years.
  • Wear a lip balm with sunscreen.
  • Eat healthily.
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