What are Some Common Oral Pathology Abnormalities and Diseases?

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Cavities and tooth decay are common causes of dental problems. However, other dental conditions may still affect your mouth and gums. Oral pathology in Plantation FL involves a variety of dental services that comprise abnormalities and diseases.

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Abnormalities and Diseases Treated by Oral Pathology

Mouth Ulcers

Also known as canker sores, mouth ulcers are small and painful lesions found in several areas inside the mouth. Most of the times, people confuse canker sores with oral cancer or cold sores. However, according to experts on oral pathology in Plantation FL, canker sores are unknown. Mouth ulcers can be annoying and may cause some severe discomfort. However, this concern is pretty harmless as long as it is diagnosed and treated.


Commonly referred to as an enlarged tongue, macroglossia is primarily due to hereditary conditions such as acromegaly or Down syndrome. It can also be due to certain ulcers, trauma, or acquired disorders or hypothyroidism. Professionals on oral pathology in Plantation FL say that severe cases of macroglossia may require extensive treatment. Surgery may also be performed to correct issues with speech, feeding, and chewing.

Cleft Palate

Another common oral pathology in Plantation FL disorder is cleft palate. Just like macroglossia, cleft palate may also be hereditary. It is often treated through surgical intervention. This condition's risk factors may include exposure to certain substances, family history, diabetes, and maternal obesity.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most severe conditions that oral pathologist treats. It may be found at the throat and lips to the tongue and mouth. Akin to most types of cancer, oral cancer can spread quickly if left untreated. Hence, the key to successful oral cancer treatment is early detection.

where is the best oral pathology plantation fl?

Know More About Oral Pathology in Plantation FL

In case you think you have one of these abnormalities or diseases, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction today so it can be treated at an earlier time.