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In dentistry, oral pathology Plantation FL is regarded as a specialty in identifying, managing and diagnosing oral diseases. Most dentists who know what oral pathology is would tell you that you need to spend two more years of training to practice this specialization. After training, dentists are now allowed to diagnose oral diseases of their patients and recommend oral care. The practice of oral pathology includes the examination of the impact of food and oral hygiene in the formation of various oral diseases. Oral pathologists may collect a patient's DNA and examine it to determine what kind of bacteria, fungus, or virus is causing the disease.

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Fundamentals of Oral Pathology

What is Oral Pathology?

In oral pathology, the first step in treating oral diseases is proper identification and diagnosis of the symptoms. A dentist must conduct a comprehensive examination before recommending any treatment to the patient. Treating disorders of the mouth requires extensive research because it's a sensitive area of the body. The next step is to gather samples from the patient. Data gathering includes collecting DNA samples from patients through mouth swabs and blood testing. After collecting the samples, the oral pathologists examine the samples, process it and then give their findings.

How is Oral Medicine Related?

Certain types of oral diseases can be caused by fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Certain types of diseases such as mouth sores can be cured by prescribing the appropriate medicine. Oral medicine is frequently regarded as separate from dentistry because it is included in oral pathology. Oral medicine is sometimes synonymous with oral health because it includes proper hygiene. Your oral medicine dentist can prescribe proper hygiene to patients since this is part of your oral pathology training.

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Where to Find Oral Pathology Plantation FL?

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