How is Someone Diagnosed with Oral Cancer?

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When it comes to diseases in your jaws, mouth, or any other related structures, early detection is key. The sooner you catch a disease, the better. However, before you seek treatment, an oral pathology Plantation FL biopsy may be necessary.

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How is Oral Cancer Diagnosed?

A Biopsy Should Be Conducted

If you experience abnormalities and it appears during the examination, a biopsy or small tissue sample may be conducted. It is an essential process since undergoing a biopsy is the only way to determine if the abnormality will lead to cancer. Likewise, it is best to address the early signs of cancer before it’s too late.

Oral Pathology Services

At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we offer several oral pathology services. Among the most common services are fine needle aspiration biopsy, cytology, oral cancer screening, and hard and soft tissue biopsies.

What is a Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy?

According to Tikrit Journal for Dental Sciences, fine needle aspiration biopsy is a method by which cells or tissues are obtained for microscopically study using a small gauge needle. On the other hand, cytology is an examination of your cells and it is often used to check and determine precancerous conditions, cancer, inflammation in the urinary tract, and detect other infections.

More About Oral Cancer Screenings

Additionally, oral pathology defines oral cancer screening as an analysis conducted by a doctor or dentist to determine whether precancerous conditions exist or there are signs of cancer in your mouth. It seeks to identify oral cancer as early as possible when there is still time to cure the condition. Moreso, hard and soft tissue biopsies are examinations of soft and hard tissues under the microscope for diagnostic purposes.

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Want to Know More About the Other Services of Oral Pathology Plantation FL?

If you’re curious about the other pathologic services, request an appointment today through this link! Contact our surgeons to be well-informed of your condition.