Oral Pathology Assessment and Reconstruction

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Removing oral lesions and other dental concerns is always an elusive process. Oral pathology Plantation FL is concerned about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of various oral diseases including oral cancer. Below are the facts you need to know to assess and reconstruct your condition.

How Do you Assess and Reconstruct an Oral Pathology Concern?

Regular Assessment

The most important thing in assessment is to actively assess yourself. It is highly advisable to conduct monthly self-assessments of the possible signs of oral pathology Plantation FL diseases. Keep in mind that even though you don’t experience pain, it doesn’t mean that you are free from any diseases. To self-assess yourself, visually check the back of your throat, surfaces of your tongue, top and bottom of your mouth, inner cheeks, and your gums. Determine if there are any changes in the color and texture, as well as if there are visible lesions or lumps.As provided by a lot of oral pathology Plantation FL experts, you also need to feel and check the underside of your jaw while tilting your head down. Likewise, you will be required to check the sides of your neck with your head turned to the right or left.


Rebuilding your condition after surgery is a tough job since you will have to restore the appearance and functionality of your mouth. In case you have severe lesions, it is possible that professionals will have to remove a portion of your tissue to fully treat your oral pathology Plantation FL concern. Likewise, distraction osteogenesis and grafting are other methods for reconstruction. It can build up your lost tissue and reestablish your appearance.

Where to Get the Best Oral Pathology Plantation FL Services?

To guarantee that your treatment ends with a normal life ahead of you, an expert or professional treatment is mandatory. At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we ensure the best outcome to restore your appearance. Contact us today!