Difference Between an Oral Surgeon and Endodontist

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The distinction between an oral surgeon and an endodontist is a little more complicated. Otherwise known as a maxillofacial surgeon, an oral surgeon in Pembroke Pines focuses on treatments dealing with the jaw, mouth, and, sometimes, the entire face. On the other hand, an endodontist specializes in treatments concerning the roots of your teeth. To know more about their distinctions, please read on.

Oral surgeon Pembroke pines

Oral Surgeon Vis-à-vis Endodontist

Who is an Oral Surgeon?

Oral surgeons often work hand-in-hand with general dentists to provide patients with exceptional and intensive care for complicated issues of the face and mouth. General dentists often refer patients to oral surgeons when dental problems are too complicated that involve damaged or lost teeth, TMJ surgery, sinus lift, bone graft, dental implant placement, and tooth extraction.After completing general dentistry, oral surgeons are required to undergo additional education to gain knowledge on how to treat complicated procedures. For them to keep their license, oral surgeons must take continuing education courses.

Who is an Endodontist?

Otherwise known as teeth-saving specialists, endodontists specialize in saving diseased and damaged teeth. The most common treatments this dental professional performs are root canal treatments. As for their educational background, endodontists are also graduates of general dentistry with additional training and education.Endodontists perform treatments concerning dental implants, traumatic dental injury treatments, and endodontic surgery. Although these treatments can be performed safely and effectively by general dentists, services of endodontists are required if the dental problem is more complicated.

Oral surgeon Pembroke pines

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

Finding a knowledgeable and experienced oral surgeon increases your chance of having a successful surgery. It’s something you want to be meticulous about because your oral and overall health depends on it. Oral surgery procedures include palate or cleft lip surgery, orthognathic surgery, and prosthodontics.At Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center, we have well-trained and knowledgeable endodontists and oral surgeons. Schedule an appointment with our staff today to begin your dental treatment!