Difference Between an Oral Surgeon and Emergency Dentist

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If you found yourself in a dental emergency, the first thing that pops into your mind is to contact an emergency dentist. But, did you know that emergency dentists are not always the solution in a dental emergency? There are when an oral surgeon in Coral Springs is the right person for the job. Below are the difference between an oral surgeon and an emergency dentist.

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Oral Surgeon vs. Dental Emergency

What is Oral Surgery?

To determine whether you need an emergency dentist or oral surgeon in Coral Springs, it's essential to know whether the injury is under the scope of oral surgery. It refers to any surgical treatment performed in or around your jaw or mouth.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergency often deals with an increased mouth infection, swelling of the jaw, massive injury to your mouth, and intolerable pain or inflammation. Likewise, you also need an emergency dentist if you experience a severe toothache. Your emergency dentist will assess and determine the causes and symptoms of your dental concern through an oral examination.

How Do They Differ?

Patients often think that emergency dentists are the same as oral surgeons. The big difference between them is the type of training they were engaged in. Emergency dentists undergo hands-on training in dealing with numerous dental accidents and injuries. However, their scope is limited to overall gum care, root canals, oral exams, sealants, and simple surgical treatments. On the other hand, an oral surgeon's services in Coral Springs are required when you need a restructuring of your gum tissue and bone. Tooth extraction is also one of the conventional treatments performed by an oral surgeon. Additionally, they are also licensed to treat chronic conditions or diseases from mouth and teeth concerns.

where is the best oral surgeon coral springs?

Where to Look for an Oral Surgeon in Coral Springs?

If you're looking for an oral surgeon to address your dental concern immediately, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center today!