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There are some oral conditions that require the expertise of an oral surgeon Coral Springs, especially when home remedies, prescription medication, and conservative treatments don’t work anymore. An oral surgeon is capable of performing different types of oral surgery. They’re not just limited to tooth extractions or dental implant surgeries. Here are the different types of oral surgery that your oral surgeon can perform:


This type of surgery has something to do with the root of the tooth or the pulp. The procedures under this type of surgery are:

  • Pulpotomy- this type of procedure involves opening the pulp chamber in the toot to let the infection drain.
  • Pulpectomy- this procedure involves the removal of the pulp from the pulp chamber to help relieve the pain.
  • Apicoectomy- this is a minor procedure that involves the removal of the apex or the tip of the tooth’s root.


This type of surgery has something to do with tooth replacement. The procedures under this type of surgery are:

  • Implants- A dental implant procedure utilizes titanium screws to securely anchor the replacement tooth. The screws are surgically placed into the bones to allow osseointegration. It usually takes around 4-6 months before an artificial tooth can be placed.
  • Implant-supported prosthesis- this is a combination of implants and bridges or dentures. Just like regular implants, a screw will be bolted into the bone and will act as an anchor to hold securely the denture or bridge.
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