Oral Surgeon in Aventura | When Would I Need a Tooth Extracted?

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When it comes to a tooth extraction, the goal is always to save the tooth. Ideally, you don’t want to have a tooth pulled. Sometimes though, a tooth extraction is simply unavoidable. Let’s take a look at a few situations where you might need to have a tooth pulled by an oral surgeon in Aventura.

Overcrowding or Impaction

Impacted teeth are teeth that have grown or shifted into the wrong position, rendering them useless. Overcrowding occurs when there are too many teeth to comfortably fit in the mouth. If overcrowding or impaction occur, not only do they make the tooth in question useless they can also have negative effects of the other teeth. An extraction occurs in order to allow the remaining teeth to fit comfortably and be fully functional.


When a tooth starts to decay, a dentist will do whatever possible to try and save the tooth. In some situations, though, the tooth is just beyond saving. When that happens an extraction is needed to remove the damaged tooth so it can be replaced.

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Just like with a damaged tooth, when a tooth becomes infected the ultimate goal is to save it. If the tooth is beyond saving it will need to be removed in order to prevent the other teeth and gums from becoming infected as well.

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