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A gum biopsy is a procedure where a dentist removes a sample of tissue from your gums. After the sample has been taken, it is sent to a lab for analysis. A gum biopsy can be used to diagnose issues such as oral cancer, growths, or lesions. There are four main types of gum biopsies: excisional biopsy, percutaneous biopsy, brush biopsy, and incisional biopsy. Here is everything you need to know about the types of gum biopsies from your oral surgeon in Aventura.

Incisional Biopsy

An incisional biopsy is the most common kind. With this one, the doctor will remove a portion of the area in question and examine it under a microscope.

Excisional Biopsy

In an excisional biopsy, the doctor may remove the entire growth or lesion. This method is usually used when the growth or lesion is small and easily accessible.

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Percutaneous Biopsy

A percutaneous biopsy is a procedure where a doctor inserts a biopsy needle through the skin. A doctor will use a fine needle on lesions that are easy to see and feel while he or she will use a core needle when more tissue is needed.

Brush Biopsy

A brush biopsy is used if your symptoms don’t call for a more invasive procedure. If the results show something that requires a more invasive procedure the doctor will then perform an incisional or percutaneous biopsy.

Do You Need A Biopsy From Your Oral Surgeon in Aventura?

Like biopsies performed on other parts of the body, a gum biopsy can be a potentially life-saving procedure. Contact us today to learn more about gum biopsy procedures that we offer, or to make a reservation.