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While there are a number of dental procedures that require oral surgery, some are less invasive than others. In many cases, you can get your dental work done with little discomfort and recovery time. Let’s take a look at some of the most common minor oral surgery procedures that an oral surgeon in Coral Springs would perform.

Tooth Extractions

This type of minor oral procedure is done when a toot, or teeth, is beyond saving. A surgical tooth extraction can also be done in cases when the removal of a tooth (or teeth) is needed as a preparation for an orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

A form of tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal is probably the most common example of not just tooth extraction but also minor oral surgery. Chances are either you, or someone you know has had at least one of their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth are typically removed when they either have not grown in all the way or have caused overcrowding in the mouth. Wisdom teeth removal can help prevent more serious oral issues down the line.

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TMJ Treatment

Sometimes, minor oral surgery is needed for the treatment of TMJ disorders which cannot be improved with medications, exercise, splints, or physical therapy. This type of surgical procedure is done on the jaw area.

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