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While our overall oral health is vital not just to our mouth, but our body as a whole, sometimes things happen. Sometimes we can suffer from an injury or even a disease in our mouth. When this happens, it is called oral pathology. Oral pathology describes any type of disease, abnormality or injury to the oral cavity. Let’s take a deeper look at oral pathology as it pertains to an oral surgeon in Coral Springs.

Are There Signs of Oral Pathology?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of oral pathology, you might not know what to look for. While it might be easy to tell that something is wrong, diagnosing it can be a trickier thing to do. That’s where an oral pathologist or oral surgeon comes into play. An oral pathologist or oral surgeon will say that there are general signs that you can spot. Those include:

  • Any visible changes in the color/appearance of lips, cheeks, palate, tongue, periodontal tissue, face or neck.
  • Red or white patches or lumps.
  • Open sores or lesions that do not heal.
  • Inflamed, sore or bleeding gums.
  • Chronic sore throat.
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What Can an Oral Pathologist Do?

An oral pathologist can not only diagnose any issue you might have with your mouth, but they can also treat the issue as well. Oral pathologists are trained to deal with a host of disorders, including such things as Bell’s Palsy, skin disease, cysts/benign tumors, and even cancer of the mouth.

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