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The use of platelet-rich plasma (or “PRP therapy”) to accelerate healing gained widespread acceptance in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery during the 1990s. PRP therapy has also proven valuable when used in conjunction with dental implant procedures. PRP therapy allows for faster tissue and bone growth. Let’s take a deeper look at PRP therapy as it pertains to an oral surgeon in Coral Springs.

How It Works

PRP therapy allows patients to take advantage of the body’s natural capacity for healing, but at a greatly accelerated rate. During the body’s healing process, it sends different cell types, including platelets to the site of trauma to initiate healing. In PRP therapy, the patient’s blood is removed and spun rapidly. This allows for a concentration of the platelets. The isolated part contains three to five times the number of growth factors found in normal blood.

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How It Helps

PRP therapy rapidly increases the recovery time needed after a procedure. Patients treated with PRP therapy can fully heal up to six times faster than patients who heal naturally. This is particularly crucial for those older patients who might suffer from post-surgery complications. Poor healing can result in an excessive loss of bone that may prove either untreatable or fixable only through expensive reconstructive surgery. PRP therapy offers a technique for expedited healing that is simple, cost-effective, and reliable.

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