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Oral surgery can be valuable from both a restorative and cosmetic perspective. Because so many treatments involve oral surgery, it’s no wonder so many people choose that route when it comes to fixing issues in their mouth. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why someone might see an oral surgeon in Coral Springs for an oral surgery procedure.


Sometimes accidents occur. Whether it happens playing a sport, eating lunch, or just going about your daily activates, an injury can occur in your mouth. If you experience any sort of facial trauma, then oral surgery might be the perfect way to fix any of those issues.

Growths and Lesions

Growths and lesions can form in your mouth. They can appear on the tongue, cheeks, and gums. If it continues to linger, then it might be recommended that it be removed by an oral surgeon.

Who is an oral surgeon in Coral Springs?

Infected Roots

If a root canal can’t fix the problem of an infected tooth, surgery might be necessary. A procedure called an apicoectomy is performed to remove the infected roots. During this procedure, the tip of the root is removed from the tooth.

Impacted Teeth

Having impacted teeth is one of the more common reasons why someone will have oral surgery done. If a tooth comes in wrong or doesn’t come in at all, it will be removed. This then keeps your mouth functioning how it should. Wisdom teeth removal is the most common example of this.

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