Oral Surgeon in Miami Beach | How Do I Prepare for Oral Surgery?

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Oral surgery is typically an outpatient procedure performed in your dentist office. Just because you don’t have to go to a hospital like other surgeries though, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be preparing the same way. You need to make many of the same preparations and follow post-operative instructions to avoid the risk of infection. Here are some helpful tips for preparing for oral surgery from your oral surgeon in Miami Beach.

Discuss Your Surgery

You might not want to ask questions during your oral surgery consultation but ask away. If you have a health condition, let your surgeon know. If you have anxiety about any part of the procedure, let your surgeon know. Don’t leave anything out. Make sure you are as informed as possible. No matter how stupid or uncomfortable you think the question is, ask it anyway. It’s your right to know as much as possible before your procedure.

Make Sure You Have a Ride to and from the Procedure

While you might be saying “duh” it needs to be said. Sometimes people underestimate the impact of oral surgeries because it is being done at the dentist office. It’s important to have someone take you and pick you up. If you can’t, don’t try and drive yourself. Use a taxi service or Uber. If you were given general anesthesia, it generally advised that you avoid driving for 24 to 48 hours after the operation.

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Know What You Can Eat and Drink

You should not eat or drink anything, including water, for eight to 12 hours before your surgery. If the surgery requires a local anesthetic, you may be allowed to have a light meal one to two hours in advance but be sure to brush and floss thoroughly before arriving.

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