Oral Surgeon in Plantation | What Anesthesia is Used for Oral Surgery?

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When you sit in one of our chairs as you prepare for your oral surgery, it’s pertinent you understand how an oral surgeon in Plantation will keep you relaxed during. There are several types of anesthesia. And, depending on the type of surgery you’ll be receiving, your doctor will choose which one is best suited. Here are three types of sedation that you may experience during oral surgery:

Oral Conscious Sedation

If “going under” isn’t necessary, but a little relaxation is, oral conscious sedation is a great option. You simply will feel happier. There’s also a possibility you won’t remember some of your procedure. However, that is completely normal!

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is laughing gas! You’ll simply inhale a gas while your doctor monitors you. Once again, you’ll feel happy and relaxed for a smooth procedure!

what kind of anesthesia does an oral surgeon in plantation use

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is what will “knock you out.” This is used for more complex surgeries and will require some recovery time. However, there will be a doctor to monitor the administration of the sedation throughout all stages of the procedure.

What Does Sedation Feel Like?

Varying levels of sedation affect everyone differently. You may remember every part of a procedure – minus any discomfort – with nitrous oxide. And, you may feel groggy coming out of IV sedation. Your doctor will walk you through any questions or concerns, so be sure to speak up during preparatory consultations!

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