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There are many cases that might require surgery by an oral surgeon in Plantation. We know the term “oral surgery” can be a little scary. You probably imagine the worst when you hear it. But we can assure you that not all procedures are as big of a deal as you might think. Certain procedures that are actually quite minor can still significantly improve your oral health. These minor procedures include:Extractions. Teeth extractions are quite common. Reasons for this procedure include an overcrowded mouth, a decayed or infected tooth and trauma to the teeth.Biopsies. Sometimes, a person will have an abnormality in his or her oral area. When this happens, a biopsy is necessary to test a small sample of that person’s oral tissue.Exposure of impacted teeth. An impacted tooth is one that is incapable of erupting into function. This happens most commonly with wisdom teeth. Exposure involves a very simple and straightforward procedure.TMJ Treatment. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder requires treatment for relief. TMJ treatments include an arthroscopy, laser surgery, total joint replacement, splint therapy, disc repositioning, discectomy and more.

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Regardless of the procedure you need, it’s always important to find an oral surgeon you can trust. If you’re in search of the best oral surgeon in Plantation, look no further than Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center. Thanks to our experienced team, we can provide you with quality care that will guarantee you a successful procedure. Contact our office today!