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An oral surgeon Miami Beach is very careful when performing surgeries on their patients. After surgery, they also advise them what to do and what not to do to avoid any problems. But, sometimes, patients fail to follow these instructions which lead to complications. If you’re about to undergo surgery, then make sure to follow your oral surgeon’s instructions for a successful recovery. If you don’t then you might suffer from the following complications:


Bleeding, after a dental procedure like tooth extraction, is normal. Applying pressure by biting down on a gauze can help stop the bleeding. But if bleeding continues after a few hours, then see your oral surgeon immediately.

Pain and Inflammation

It’s common to experience pain and swelling in your surgical area, especially if you went through tooth extraction or periodontal surgery. To help ease the pain and swelling, you can apply a cold compress on your cheeks or drink pain relievers. If the swelling and pain persist after 3 days, then you need to see your oral surgeon Miami Beach ASAP.

Alveolitis or a Dry Socket

People who smoke and women who take oral contraceptives are more prone to this type of complication. This can cause pain, discomfort, and a delay in your healing. Although a dry socket goes away on its own after a week or two, your dentist can apply an anesthetic on the area to alleviate the discomfort.


This type of infection occurs in the bone of your lower jaw. It is usually caused by bacteria. This type of complication manifests through fever, tenderness of the area, and inflammation. To deal with osteomyelitis, you will have to take antibiotics.

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