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If you are experiencing discomfort and pain due to the misalignment of your jaws, the most common dental treatment to correct them is braces. But there are cases of jaw misalignments that braces alone could not fix. In extreme cases, an orthognathic surgery will be recommended by an Oral Surgeon Miami Beach to solve this problem. Here are the 3 Reasons why you should consider orthognathic surgery to correct your jaws:

Improved Appearance

Although the purpose of this surgery is to correct the function of your jaw, you won’t be able to deny the immediate changes you’ll see on the way you look. Not only will the surgery get rid of the misalignment, but it will also drastically enhance your appearance.

Recovers the Function of the Jaw

Extreme cases of jaw misalignment cause problems in daily jaw functions, like eating, chewing, and talking. Some people even experience difficulty in closing their mouths because of how the molars touch but the front teeth are left ajar. Getting a corrective jaw surgery will restore the function of the jaw, and eliminate discomfort and embarrassment.

Relieve You of Pain

The muscles and ligaments attached to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) get strained when your jaw fails to properly support normal functions because of the misalignment. When the TMJ is triggered, you experience pain and swelling in your jaw area. Severe cases could lead to TMJ disorder. Getting an orthognathic surgery will restore the function of the jaw and you can avoid experiencing a TMJ disorder.

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