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When you’re dealing with functional dental matters, it’s important to keep in touch with an oral surgeon Pembroke Pines. Oral surgeons specialize in beating congenital growth problems, operating trauma-related damage, and administering severe oral diseases. So, you can rely on them to relieve you from any pain and discomfort in the most efficient way possible. If you’re wondering which dental procedures require the skills and expertise of an oral surgeon, read on.

Repair Facial Trauma

An oral surgeon Pembroke Pines can treat minor-to-severe facial skin lesions, broken jaw and facial bones, facial injuries, and restore detached nerves.

Relieve Facial Pain

An oral surgeon can help relieve you from any facial pain and discomfort, including those that are caused by a TMJ disorder. They can suggest treatments that are non-surgical and they can also offer to treat your problems with various surgical procedures which they see fit for your condition.

Asses Pathologic Conditions

If you’re suffering from tumors of the mouth, benign cysts in the facial area, or oral, head and neck cancer, then an oral surgeon can help you overcome them. An oral surgeon can also treat serious infections of the salivary glands, oral cavities, neck, and jaws.

Carry Out Orthognathic Surgery

If you’re suffering from minor to serious dental jaw abnormalities that are affecting your ability to speak, chew, and breathe, then you need to see an oral surgeon asap. In cooperation with an orthodontist, an oral surgeon can surgically fix the upper and lower jaw into the correct dental and facial alignment.

Accomplish Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Oral surgeons can perform surgeries for reconstructive and aesthetic purposes. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to restore purpose and form to the maxillofacial area.

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