What to Do with Congenitally Missing Teeth

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Congenitally missing teeth, otherwise known as hypodontia, is one of the dental conditions treated by an oral surgeon Pembroke Pines. It often occurs in 2% - 4% of the population and exists when individuals have at least a tooth missing from their adult set. The most common teeth affected by this condition are your lower second premolars, upper lateral incisors, and wisdom teeth. To know more about hypodontia, please read on.

Facts on Congenitally Missing Teeth

Why Does it Happen?

Several factors come to play when it comes to the complexities of your tooth formation. Each person has a unique and different complex tooth formation process, making it very challenging for every oral surgeon Pembroke Pines. As for congenitally missing teeth, these may be due to genetics. Thus, it is simply an inherited trait since it runs in the family. Aside from missing teeth to be the only issue, hypodontia may be caused by a broader genetic disorder like Down syndrome or ectodermal dysplasia. Whatever the reason for congenitally missing teeth, there are several treatment options available.

Kinds of Treatment Options

Congenitally missing teeth can be treated in several ways. Depending on your personal preference and unique teeth status, your oral surgeon Pembroke Pines will advise one or more treatment combinations such as removable partial dentures, dental bridge, dental implants, or other orthodontic treatments.Dental implants are usually the most common treatment choice when it comes to congenitally missing teeth. Combined with installing a dental crown that is specifically designed to match your teeth, this combination is the most long-lasting, functional, and natural-looking treatment solution. Aside from dental implants and dental crowns, there are also orthodontic treatments available.

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