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Has your tooth been bothering you? A toothache can be very unbearable. You won’t be able to focus on work, eating will be a problem, and you won’t be able to sleep well. But is it really just your tooth that’s aching? Or do you have a problem with your jaw as well? How do you know if going to a general dentist is enough? Maybe you should consider going to an oral surgeon Pembroke Pines to determine the dental issue.

Impacted Teeth

More often than not, wisdom teeth become impacted. However, impacted teeth are not only limited to wisdom teeth. It is possible to happen in various areas in the mouth as well. There are times when a tooth comes out and it’s crowded, it may not come out or it may come out but not completely. This is a cause for infections and sore gums.

Jaw-Joint Problems

There is a joint called the TMJ or the temporomandibular joint connecting our jaw to our skull. It is located in front of your ears. If there are any issues with this joint, you may experience stiffness, headaches, jaw-popping, and jaw pain.

Dental Implants

If you have missing tooth or teeth you can go to an oral surgeon, so you can have it fixed. The oral surgeon will embed a dental implant into the jaw. After the gums have healed, a crown will then be attached. The implant will function and look like real teeth.

Who is the best oral surgeon Pembroke Pines?

Need an Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines?

These are some of the issues where you need to go to an oral surgeon Pembroke Pines. For any concerns you may have about your teeth, gums, or mouth, it is best to consult one of our expert dentists and oral surgeons. Oral Facial Reconstruction is happy to answer any questions you may have.