Oral Surgeon Pembroke Pines | Why Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Extracted

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As you get older, the bones in your mouth get tougher which means that teeth will be more difficult to remove. That is why oral surgeon Pembroke Pines suggests that wisdom teeth need to be taken out to prevent problems later on. If you want to avoid complications, like heavy bleeding, severe numbness, and minor loss of motion in your jaw then you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted now.

Preserve Your Teeth Alignment

The eruption of your wisdom tooth will need space. This means that your other teeth will be forced to move to make way for the new tooth causing misalignment and crowding problems. If you want to keep your teeth straight then have your wisdom tooth extracted today.

Avoid Jaw Problems

One of the consequences of impacted wisdom teeth is the growth of a cyst. A cyst can create a hollow space on your jaw which can cause nerve damage.

Stop Inflamed Gums

Getting your wisdom tooth extracted by the best oral surgeon Pembroke Pines will help stop the soft tissues around the area from swelling. Tender gums can stop you from cleaning your mouth properly. So, to avoid further oral problems it’s best to have your wisdom tooth pulled out.

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Ask an oral surgeon Pembroke Pines to have your wisdom tooth extracted ASAP to avoid any unnecessary oral problems. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, we aim to provide you with the best care and treatments through our experienced oral surgeons, advanced technologies, and up-to-date techniques. Call us today for any inquiry or book an appointment online!