What is an Oral Cavity Cancer?

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According to an oral surgeon Plantation, oral cavity cancer is a disease wherein malignant cancer cells thrive in your mouth and lips. Other professionals also consider this lip and mouth cancer to be a type of head neck cancer; whatever it may be, it’s still a condition that needs to be addressed. Like any other dental concern, excessive or constant intake or use of alcohol and tobacco can significantly contribute to the development of these malignant cancer cells. To know more about the key points and risks, read on.

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Basics of Oral Cavity Cancer

Essential Points

Signs of oral cavity cancer may include a lump or sore on your mouth or lips as stated by an esteemed oral surgeon Plantation, a feeling that something gets stuck in your throat or you have constant sore throat may also be a sign that you have lip and mouth cavity cancer. Additionally, there are several tests to examine your throat and mouth. The most common tests are X-ray, oral brush biopsy, and physical examination.

Anatomy of Oral Cavity Cancer

Oral cavity cancer may include several parts of your mouth. It can be found in the small area near your wisdom teeth, the roof of your mouth, inside lining of your cheeks, and gums. Also, an oral surgeon Plantation provides that lip and mouth cavity cancer can also be found in the soft and hard palate of your mouth.

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In Pursuit of the Best Oral Surgeon Plantation?

Not having risk factors doesn’t necessarily indicate that you will not acquire oral cavity cancer. On the other hand, having a risk factor does not also guarantee that you will get one. Either way, it is still important that you stay away or prevent the development of contributory factors from lessening the possibility of developing such disorder, illness, or disease.To determine whether you have early signs of oral cavity cancer, contact us today and schedule your appointment!