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Both restorative and cosmetic dentistry involves oral surgery procedures to restore a healthy and beautiful smile. For these procedures to be successful, whether it be a minor or major operation, it needs to be performed by an experienced oral surgeon Plantation. Settling for an inexperienced oral surgeon will only put you at risk for infection and other problems. Here are the common oral surgery procedures:

Impacted Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth and canines are likely to become impacted, but if any of your teeth do not emerge out of the gums as they’re supposed to, then it’s important to have them checked ASAP. There are different types of impaction, some cases are more complicated than others, which require the expertise of an oral surgeon Plantation. Impacted teeth can cause several problems, like infection, swelling, crowding, diseased tissue, and more.

Bone Graft to Improve Fit of Dentures

Over time, your dentures can become ill-fitting because of jaw irregularities, irritating your gums and extreme discomfort for you. To improve the fit of your dentures, you can undergo a bone graft to correct these irregularities.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to permanently replace your missing tooth or teeth. They’re the only teeth replacement option that can last a lifetime and mimics your natural teeth. It involves a series of procedures that will be performed months apart to allow the implants to heal and osseointegrated with your jawbones completely.

Unequal Jaw Growth

A lot of people struggle with receding or protruding jaws, affecting their overall facial symmetry and aesthetics. But oral surgery can fix this problem and improve your overall facial appearance drastically.

Sleep Apnea

If conservative methods cannot alleviate the symptoms of your sleep apnea, then surgery might be the right solution for you. It can help get rid of your sleep apnea by widening your airways.

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