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If you’re looking for an oral surgeon Plantation to perform a crucial oral surgery on you, then it’s important to take your time in finding the right one. You should do your research, ask for recommendations, and most importantly don’t be afraid to ask questions. To guide you, here are the four qualities you want in an oral surgeon:


You want an oral surgeon that is easy to approach and talk to. It’ll be easier to open up regarding your concerns and you won’t be intimidated to ask questions. An affable oral surgeon also understands that you’re no expert when it comes to surgery, so he/she will take the time to thoroughly explain to you the process and procedure in the most understandable way possible.


Aside from being knowledgeable, your oral surgeon of choice must be experienced and skilled. Don't be afraid to ask about how long he/she has been in practice or if he/she has handled a case similar to yours. You want an experienced oral surgeon so that if there are any surprises during surgery, he/ she will know what to do.


Some oral surgeons are always out a town, maybe for conventions or training, and that's understandable, but you'd want an oral surgeon who's available during your scheduled appointments. Last-minute cancellations are just unacceptable. It means that they don't respect your time or care for you.


A creative oral surgeon is better than an oral surgeon who does everything by the book. Every case and situation is unique, which calls for creativity when trying to solve an unexpected problem during surgery.

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