How is a Facial Injury or Trauma Treated

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An oral surgeon in Plantation that treats facial trauma and injuries must be knowledgeable in emergency care, long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction, and acute treatment. They must be trained and experienced in the emotional and physical aspects of facial injury. Although these types of oral injuries are physically traumatic, they may also involve emotional trauma.

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Facts You Need to Know About Facial Injury and Trauma

Injuries to the Teeth

Trauma and injuries to the teeth and its surrounding structures may need the expertise of a lot of dental specialists. The services of an oral surgeon in Plantation is required when the injury involves a knocked out or a displaced tooth that needs to be replanted or a fracture in the supporting bone. However, aside from an oral surgeon, the services of restorative dentists and endodontists may be required.

Bone Injuries

Injuries of the facial bones such as the jaw, eye socket, nose, and cheek must be alleviated and stabilized to produce further health problems. Since using a cast is not applicable in facial trauma or injury, every oral surgeon in Plantation is knowledgeable in using other methods for stabilization like wiring the jaws and rigid fixation. This method involves the stabilization of the jaws by using surgical placements such as screws and small plates. It allows the bone to heal correctly and prevent any unnecessary restriction that may hinder the healing process.

Soft Tissues

Facial trauma or injury may also involve Intraoral lacerations and lacerations to the face. The treatment for these injuries may require stitching and suturing. However, before anything else, your oral surgeon in Plantation must inspect and assess your facial structure to avoid any mishaps.

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Where to Look for an Oral Surgeon in Plantation

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