Oral Surgeon Versus An Orthodontist

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Have you ever contemplated whether to take your dental problem to an orthodontist or an oral surgeon? Basically, distinguishing the two involves a deep look into their mode of practice. Orthodontists deal with matters of straightening your teeth while oral surgeons specifically focus on performing oral surgery Aventura FL. Yes, the two can overlap. However, you wouldn't typically find an orthodontist in surgery.

Where is the best Oral Surgery Aventura FL?

Similarities and Differences

Educational Background

Both orthodontists and oral surgeons take and pass courses in general dentistry. However, oral surgeons still have to undergo a comprehensive hospital-based residency program for about four years. Such a program must be accredited by the American Dental Association. In contrast, orthodontists also undergo additional training; however, they are only looking at around two years. Each program is different, so these numbers are based on the average.Aside from the oral surgery training in Aventura FL, oral surgeons also study the throat, nose, and ears. During their residency, they may also spend time in otolaryngology, emergency medicine, and plastic surgery.In comparison, the training of orthodontists is primarily dedicated to ways of properly straightening teeth. Their training may include the application and construction of retainers, headgear, braces, and other orthodontic solutions.

Dental Treatments Performed

Aside from straightening a patient’s teeth, orthodontists can also treat dental concerns related to facial muscles, gums, and lower or upper jaws. Since all of these structures can easily affect the way a person speaks, chews, or bites, orthodontists need to treat these areas so as not to compromise the teeth’s alignment.In comparison, an oral surgeon often performs oral surgery to repair damaged teeth and jaws from facial trauma or other accidents. Likewise, oral surgeons can correct congenital deformities like cleft lips.

Where is the best Oral Surgery Aventura FL?

When to Have an Oral Surgery Aventura FL

If you don’t have a clue whether you need to contact an orthodontist or oral surgeon, reach out and we’ll guide you through the process. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction today to speak with an expert!