What Happens if You Don't Have Your Wisdom Tooth Removed?

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Oral surgery in Aventura is one of the most common dental services performed and conducted by dentists. But what happens if you don't undergo oral surgery as when you don't want to get your wisdom tooth removed. Waiting too long before you withdraw your wisdom tooth may lead to painful and untreatable conditions.

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Effects of Not Undergoing the Needed Oral Surgery


Prolonging your oral surgery in Aventura will lead to the development of many infections. Oral surgeons or dentists usually remove wisdom teeth as the majority of these types only partially erupt. When it partially erupts or even fails to erupt, it may result in a bacterial gum infection known as pericoronitis. Although pericoronitis can be treated with a simple salt rinse, neglect may lead to severe pain and swelling. In this case, you will need to take antibiotics. In worst-case scenarios, you will be required to undergo oral surgery in Aventura.

Bone Injury

It cannot be over-emphasized that a wisdom tooth that fails to erupt will result in numerous dental and health problems. For instance, a cyst can develop near the affected area and cause injury to your jawbone. Aside from your jawbone, prolonging your oral surgery in Aventura can affect the condition of your gums. To remove both your wisdom tooth and developing cysts, you will need to undergo oral surgery.

Misaligned Teeth

Apart from infections and tooth injuries, waiting too long for an oral surgery may result in your teeth' misalignment. When your wisdom teeth become crowded and crooked, they will push the neighboring teeth out of the correct alignment.

where is the best oral surgery aventura?

Don't Wait Too Long! Get your Oral Surgery in Aventura ASAP!

Oral surgery not only removes your wisdom tooth, but it also corrects your bite, aligns your teeth, and restore your smile. Contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to get a safe and effective oral surgery!