Oral Surgery: Is It Okay to Put It Off for a While?

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According to an oral surgeon in Pembroke Pines, there are a lot of myths when it comes to oral surgery. But, the most debunked myth is that it’s okay to put off oral surgery. If your appendix bursts, you wouldn’t put off an operation to remove it, right? Here are the reasons why you don’t put off oral surgery.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Oral Surgery

Additional Disorders and Other Concerns

If you wait too long for oral surgery, the surgical treatment may not be enough to solve all of your problems. If you put off fixing your jaw joint problems for too long, the way your upper and lower jaws meet could cause your teeth to chip or shatter. You'll need more dental work, such as veneers or bridges, by the time the procedure is completed.

Early Intervention Leads to Faster Recovery

Concerning oral and maxillofacial surgery, early treatment when problems arise is crucial to a faster recovery. For instance, waiting until later in maturity to remove wisdom teeth may allow the molars to develop deeper roots. Because the teeth are deeply linked to the jawbone, recuperation time and pain may be longer and more unpleasant by the time you eventually decide to have the treatment done. You'll be back on your feet faster if your surgeon can intervene quickly.


Waiting for dental surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth can put you at risk of infection. Furthermore, an infection can lead to other diseases. Don't put your health at risk; seek treatment as soon as possible.

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