Types of Anesthesia Used in Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery in Pembroke Pines FL can be very daunting for prospective patients, especially when anesthesia is used. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that when anesthesia is administered by a certified and trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon, using anesthesia is less painful, and it can definitely help relieve pain and anxiety. Below are the common types of anesthesia.

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Kinds of Anesthesia Used in Oral Surgery

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is the type where a patient is put down to sleep for the duration of the surgery. It uses IV sedatives that give off a more intense anesthesia experience. With this type of anesthesia, you will have no memory of the actual procedure. Hence, this anesthesia is often used in oral surgery in Pembroke Pines FL for more strict procedures such as large oral surgical procedures, dental implant placements, and impacted wisdom tooth removal.

IV Sedation

According to experts on oral surgery in Pembroke Pines FL, IV sedation is a form of more profound anesthesia wherein a medicine is titrated to reach a period of brief yet effective sedation. Individuals under this anesthesia sometimes remember conversations at the start and after the procedures.

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is commonly used for simple extractions. During the procedure, you’ll be awake and fully aware of what’s going on inside your mouth, but you won’t feel any pain. It will be administered to you through an injection around the area where your tooth that is to be extracted is located. But before injecting your gums with local anesthesia, your oral surgeon will numb it first.

where is the best oral surgery pembroke pines fl?

Where to Get Oral Surgery in Pembroke Pines FL

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