Connection Between Periodontitis and Vitamin B12

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Periodontitis is a severe gum infection manifested by irritating and painful symptoms that may require oral surgery Plantation since it will make it harder for you to speak, swallow, and eat. Usually, periodontal disease starts with gingivitis and advances or progresses if left untreated.What is interesting is the research showing a strong relation between periodontitis risk and nutrition, especially when it comes to insufficient intake of vitamin B12.

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How is Periodontitis Related with Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Leads to Periodontitis

According to an expert, the lower the vitamin B12 level there is in your body, the more probable it is for you to develop periodontitis and tooth loss. Although the research was a bit unclouded as to how the link manifests, it is definitely clear that the quantity and quality of nutrient intake affect oral health.To support this research, a theory on B12 can justify the link. Well-known is the fact that B12 vitamins are used in sugar absorption. Thus, a high-sugar intake can reduce vitamin B12 while instantaneously increasing the risk of developing periodontitis which later on would lead to oral surgery Plantation. Additionally, B vitamins are known to accelerate wound healing, and deficiency in this type of vitamin will only delay your gum repair.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Plausibly, the ideal prevention scheme for gum disease is to truly avoid sugary food and beverages. Likewise, even though turmeric may not be a preventive solution to gum disease, it can still aid in reducing gum disease irritation.

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Know More About the Effects of B12 and How to Avoid Oral Surgery Plantation

Even though prevention is imperative, a lot of patients fall short because it usually implicates spending a lot of time rinsing your mouth and flossing or brushing your teeth, as well as, cutting down on sugary and acidic food and beverages. Contact us today!