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Oral surgery Plantation includes several procedures such as biopsies, jaw injury, sleep apnea, and frenectomy. In this regard, this post will tackle everything you need to know about frenectomy. It is a basic surgical procedure that includes the removal of one or both frena – a connective tissue membrane that connects one part to another.

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Everything You Need To Learn About Frenectomy

What are the Types of Frena?

The field of oral surgery recognizes two primary types of frenum: Labial and Lingual. The labial frenum is a tissue that attaches the gum to the lip. When it is too long or wide, it will result in a gap between the front teeth. It will require a surgical procedure to be conducted by an oral surgeon, a general dentist, or other specialists. On the other hand, the lingual frenum is situated between the floor of the mouth and the base of the tongue. The goal of lingual frenum surgery is to allow proper speech, free the tongue from any obstacle, and allow smooth movement and swallowing.

When Should a Frenectomy Be Done?

Undergoing a frenectomy earlier than needed and removing the interdental fibers will result in scar tissue formation. This is exactly the reason why timing should be taken into consideration by both the surgeon and orthodontist. Below are the instances when frenectomy may be done:

  • If you have an elongated frenum and you feel discomfort when swallowing, a standard frenectomy can be performed.
  • Frenectomy may be undertaken when the incisor teeth are not properly aligned.

How is the Procedure Done?

Oral surgery dictates that the first process of frenectomy surgery is for the oral surgeon to assess the two types of frena and evaluate whether or not the procedure is required. If surgery is necessary, it will be conducted for at least 10 minutes at the oral surgeon’s clinic. And, in approximately two weeks, the patient will experience a full recovery.

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