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If you have a problem with your jaw, like misalignments, improper bites, or malocclusions that couldn’t be corrected with orthodontics alone, then you might want to consider going through an orthognathic surgery Coral Springs. Not only can this procedure correct and align the irregularities of your jaw to improve the way they work, but it can also help bring symmetry to your face, improving your facial appearance. But if you’re concerned about lengthy recovery periods associated with surgeries, then don't worry because we've compiled tips to help you recover faster from your orthognathic surgery:

Allow Your Body to Recuperate

Getting plenty of rest after your orthognathic surgery Coral Springs is crucial to allow your body to recuperate and heal faster. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of lying in bed all day, then you can do some reading or other activities to keep yourself entertained. Just make sure to avoid any backbreaking activities, including exercise, to avoid bleeding in your surgical area.

Have a Routine

While recovering from your procedure, you must have a daily routine to help make you feel productive and keep your mind sharp and healthy. You can start your morning with a walk (if you feel like you’re already capable of doing so), read a book in the afternoon, or make yourself tea before bed.

Follow Postop Instructions

See to it that you follow your oral surgeon’s postop instructions for a faster recovery.

Meal Prep

Before your procedure, take time to do meal prep. Aside from the fact that you won’t have the energy to cook for yourself, this will also help guarantee that you will be eating nutritious foods, which is necessary to aid faster healing.

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These tips will surely help you recover from your orthognathic surgery Coral Springs in no time. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our experienced oral surgeons will make sure that your surgery is a success and a pleasant one, Contact us for inquiries!