Orthognathic Surgery: Functional or Cosmetic Procedure?

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Have you ever considered orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines, or corrective jaw surgery, to be cosmetic? Surgeons use it to correct facial imbalances such as underbites, overbites, open bites, and small chins. Although orthognathic surgery can enhance facial beauty, oral surgeons often employ it to address major health issues and resolve functional issues. Let's look at the differences.

woman with a tmj issue needing Orthognathic surgery in Pembroke Pines

A Closer Look at Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery: Therapeutic Side

Orthognathic surgery aims to cure patients with jaw problems that interfere with their ability to speak, chew food, breathe through their mouths while sleeping, and perform other daily tasks. Several congenital and developmental abnormalities can be problematic, affecting how people chew and speak and, in some circumstances, causing intense pain (TMJ). To correct these malformations and restore functionality, orthognathic surgery is a blessing.

Orthognathic Surgery: Cosmetic Side

Orthognathic surgery has an aesthetic aspect when patients have jaw deformities that don’t interfere with their ability to function. Otherwise, it may be confidently said that orthognathic surgery is more therapeutic in any other cases where functional issues appear. For example, genioplasty, also known as chin augmentation, is considered a cosmetic treatment, but in sleep apnea patients, genioplasty works to lessen the severity of the condition.

What Can We Conclude?

Orthognathic surgery isn’t considered a cosmetic procedure, but sometimes the patient feels the cosmetic benefit more strongly. There aren't many operations that can alter the face as dramatically. So, it serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Those whose main goal was to address a functional deficit undoubtedly desire to accomplish a pleasing aesthetic result as well. And those looking to improve their appearance wouldn't want the masticatory system's functionality to be sacrificed in the name of beauty. Nevertheless, the therapy strategy changes based on the patient's main motivation.

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Do You Need Orthognathic Surgery in Pembroke Pines?

Do you suspect you might need orthognathic surgery? Here at Oral Facial Reconstruction, we can assess your jaw, and oral health and guide you in the right direction. You can contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you!