Orthognathic Surgery in Plantation | Are You a Candidate?

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We are all familiar with orthodontic treatments with the help of appliances like braces, but sometimes we need more help than they can offer. So, orthognathic surgery in Plantation is a great option for those with ongoing jaw problems. But how do you know orthognathic surgery is your next step?

am I a candidate for orthognathic surgery in plantation

The main reason for a patient to be a candidate for orthognathic surgery are misaligned jaws or jaws that do not fit properly. However, those who are candidates are aware of their issue beforehand.As people grow, it is possible for the jaw to stop its maturation early. This causes it to be disproportionate as what can most easily be described as severe underbites and overbites. Past trauma, genetic growth issues, and other, less common, situations can cause a misalignment.The key to deciding the course of action to take is the origin of the misalignment. Together, your orthodontist and our oral surgeon will curate a plan that works best for your situation. But, it is important to note that this surgery is not performed solely for cosmetic purposes. Orthognathic surgery in Plantation can improve your functional balance, including fixing speech impairments and the inability to chew food.

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