Orthognathic Surgery in Plantation | 6 Symptoms of a Misaligned Jaw

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As the jaw grows and develops, misalignment may occur. And, if you do not see a dentist on a regular basis (that is twice a year), the chance for it to happen without being obvious is all the more likely. A dentist can perform thorough evaluations to watch your dental health. But, should a problem progress without treatment, orthognathic surgery in Plantation may be necessary to correct your jaw. Here are some simple symptoms of a misaligned jaw that could lead to needing an oral surgeon:

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is indicative of some sort of issue within the mouth. If it hurts to open and close your mouth, or even chew, it is time to see your dentist. This could be something super simple or more.


Severe jaw pain can cause headaches, but so can a malocclusion – or improper bite. This is because a misalignment can cause strain on the joints that allow you to perform simple tasks.

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Protruding and Receding Jaw

If your jaw is obviously misaligned, you need to see a dentist and/or oral surgeon. This can be noticed if your top teeth stick out far over your bottom teet or vice versa. This can also make it hard to close your mouth completely.

Is Orthognathic Surgery in Plantation in Your Future?

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