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Orthognathic surgery is growing more and more popular with each passing day. While others may do it for cosmetic purposes, many actually choose to undergo jaw surgeries to correct underlying health issues. It’s also recommended for people whose jaw misalignment can’t be remedied by regular braces. With the increasing attention given to orthognathic surgeries, it’s inevitable that people will have their own fears regarding the procedure. Made up stories they have heard from other people may hinder them from having the procedure done. Upon hearing a lot of talks about orthognathic surgery, how will you know which one is accurate and which one is not? Here are the most common myths about orthognathic surgery:

It’s Difficult to Recover From

All people who have undergone surgery do require a bit of time to recover from the procedure. The recovery period can last as long as 2 months considering the intricacy of the jaw’s structure. As long as the patient will follow the post-operative care instructions, the recovery can go on smoothly. A person may experience pain, but it will eventually go away after a few days.

Orthognathic Surgery is for Cosmetic Purposes Only

While it’s true that people undergo jaw surgeries to change their jaw structure, orthognathic surgery is mainly done to correct a misaligned jaw. Misstructured jawbones are usually the reason for certain health conditions including sleep apnea and pain or difficulty opening and closing one’s mouth.

It Can Cost You A Lot of Money

When it comes to this issue, you’ll have to think about how it will affect you financially in the long run. Emergency dental visits can be much more expensive than preventive surgery visits. This is because emergency situations are already associated with much complicated dental problems that require a myriad of procedures to fix.

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A lot of underlying health issues can be associated with jaw misalignment. When you have this issue, the safest road to take is to undergo orthognathic surgery plantation. Oral Facial Reconstruction will be happy to address your jaw structure issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert surgeons.