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If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, abnormal alignment of the face, and malocclusions that cannot be corrected with braces, then an orthognatic surgery Coral Springs can fix that for you. Not only can this procedure relieve you from jaw-related discomfort and pains, but it can also impact your facial appearance. To help you understand more about this procedure we’ve compiled some of the most FAQs about orthogatic surgery.

What is an Orthognatic Surgery?

An orthognatic surgery is also known as corrective jaw surgery. It is performed to fix the misalignment of your jaws and teeth that cannot be corrected with orthodontic treatment. This surgery aims to reposition and repair your jaws to improve its functionality while enhancing your facial appearance.

Who Can Undergo This Procedure?

Not everyone who has a jaw problem needs to undergo orthognatic surgery. A good candidate for this type of procedure is someone who is suffering the consequences of a skeletal imbalance in the jaw, difficulty in speaking and chewing, TMJ disorder, protruding jaw, sleep apnea, receding chin, poor facial alignment, and an open bite.

What are the Advantages?

This procedure can help align your jaws and teeth in a position that is functional, healthy, and balanced. This helps improve your bite, speech, appearance, self-esteem, and even breathing. It can also help eliminate TMJ disorder- related pains and discomfort and provide relief for sleep apnea.

What Should I Expect Before an Orthognatic Surgery?

Before your surgery, your oral surgeon will brief you regarding your surgical plan and give you pre-op instructions. This is also the time for you to ask any questions regarding the procedure. Also, keep in mind to stay healthy before the procedure so your immune system is at its best on the day of the surgery. This will help you recover faster.

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Where to Have an Orthognatic Surgery Coral Springs?

Consult with an oral surgeon to know if an orthognatic surgery Coral Springs is the best approach to treat your jaw problems. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our skilled oral surgeons can provide you with the best care and treatments for your jaw problems. Call us for inquiries or visit our website!