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Pembroke Pines dental implants give every patient not only an improved smile but a chance to live a healthier life with confidence. Same with other types of surgery, post-surgical recovery requires short-term changes in your lifestyle. It includes avoiding hard foods such as legumes or nuts.

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Foods to Avoid and Enjoy During Post-Surgical Recovery

Foods to Avoid

For the first two weeks after your surgery, the foods you eat are critical for faster recovery. You need to prevent yourself from eating foods that delay the recovery process. These foods include chewing on ice cubes, carrots, hard taco shells, corn or potato chips, and other forms of meat that require extensive chewing. Aside from hard foods, patients who underwent dental implants surgery must also avoid alcoholic, sugary, and acidic beverages. Likewise, excessive use of straw may lead to a problem such as the development of dry socket. Moreso, it is best to stay away from chilled or hot drinks as it can cause complications and discomfort.

Food to Enjoy

Contrary to the foods you need to avoid, soft foods are ideal for those who undergo post-surgical dental recovery. Examples of foods that patients of dental implants surgery can consume are soups, applesauce, soft bread, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, protein drinks, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. As for the soup, you need to avoid tomato-based recipes as it can damage your tooth. Similarly, avoid fruit juices because these tend to contain a high concentration of acid and sugar.

Foods to Minimize Over the Long-Term

Aside from the foods mentioned above, there are also those which you need to avoid, minimize, or limit over the long-term. For the sake of your teeth’s health, you need to stay away from sugary foods, alcoholic beverages, and strongly colored beverages.

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