Pembroke Pines Dental Implants | New Implant Dentistry Techniques and Concepts

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From using shells and hammer to replace missing teeth during the Mayan period to using titanium posts for strong and stable teeth replacement in today’s modern age, dental implants Pembroke Pines have come a long way. Advancement in implant dentistry also paved the way for new concepts and techniques for permanent tooth replacement. In this article, we will discuss to you the new implant dentistry techniques and concepts:

All on Four Dental Implants

Traditional Pembroke Pines dental implants require 6-8 single implants to replace your entire upper or lower set of teeth, while all on four dental implants only requires 4. The dental implants are also fixed in your jaws at an angle to guarantee optimal support, even with minimum bone volume. It’s also designed to function within just a few hours after surgery, making a great instant teeth replacement option!

Zygoma Implants

Zygoma implant can be a great option for you if you’ve lost most if not all of your upper teeth and don’t have ample bone mass to support traditional implants. This type of dental implant is anchored into your zygomatic bone or cheekbone instead of your maximillia. Because your cheekbones are denser in quality and more cortical than your maxillary bone, it provides a stable and sturdy base for your implants, making immediate loading possible. This means that you can walk out of the clinic with a brand-new smile in just a few hours!

Teeth in an Hour Concept

Teeth in an hour concept allow you to enjoy fixed, well-functioning, and beautiful teeth on implants in less than an hour! Using a flapless implant surgery technique to anchor your implants, you can expect a less invasive procedure which means lesser healing time and no significant pain or swelling.

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These advancements in implant dentistry make replacing missing teeth with permanent dental implants – easy, quick, and comfortable. Get your Pembroke Pines dental implants today at Oral Facial Reconstruction! Contact us for inquiries!