Perils of Delayed Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth Miami Beach removal is a procedure that is essential when the teeth grow imperfectly and misaligned, causing dental issues in the face and mouth. Although tooth extraction involves basic procedures, a lot of individuals still choose to delay the process up to the time when the pain becomes unbearable and the gums are now infected. Hence, below are the facts you need to be concerned about to motivate you in getting your tooth extracted as soon as possible to avoid further injury.

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Dangers of Late Wisdom Teeth Removal

Infections Caused by Impacted Teeth

It is worthy to note that your mouth doesn’t have ample space for all of your wisdom teeth to grow, causing abnormalities such as impacted teeth and other dental concerns. You get impacted tooth when your tooth was not able to properly erupt through your gums. Once wisdom teeth Miami Beach has not fully ruptured, it will create an open gum flap where food particles get stuck and may cause infection. The food particles will be very challenging to reach and clean in such a way that professional dental cleaning is required. Additionally, it may even affect your jawbone and cause other infections, as well.

Nerve Risks and Sinus Infection

If problematic wisdom teeth Miami Beach is left in your mouth, it will be very difficult to extract since the roots may have already reached your jawbone. Likewise, there will be a possibility that the roots may reach and surround a nerve in your lower jaw, placing the nerve at risk and cause pain or discomfort. Also, the roots from your upper teeth may reach your sinus cavities and cause sinus infections.

who offers wisdom teeth miami beach?

Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Miami Beach Today!

Even though it is highly advisable to remove your wisdom teeth, every patient has a different and unique situation. If you want your wisdom teeth removed, contact Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center now!