Plantation Oral Surgery | Top 3 Most Common Oral Procedures

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No one wants to undergo surgery, but some dental cases call for oral surgery. Plantation oral surgery at Oral Facial Reconstruction is a viable solution for various dental diseases that can cause you extreme pain, discomfort, and infection. Not only can it offer you instant relief, but it can also correct any underlying problems causing the symptoms. Here are the most common oral procedures performed:

Impacted Tooth Removal

If a tooth doesn’t erupt like the way they’re supposed to, various dental problems can occur. However, this can be prevented and corrected with a simple tooth extraction. Your wisdom teeth are also likely to become impacted. In most cases, patients have them removed to prevent various problems related to the impaction of teeth, like pain, shifting of teeth, crowding, and infection.

Uneven Jaw Structure

You may suffer from malocclusions caused by uneven jaw structure, like open bite and overbite. Others also have issues with the symmetry of their faces and the orientation of their jaws, which are also caused by uneven jaw structure, while others experience extreme symptoms of TMD. Plantation oral surgery can not only help correct malocclusions and get rid of the symptoms of TMD, but it can also drastically improve your facial appearance and symmetry.

Facial Infections and Injury Repair

An infection or injury in the face calls for oral surgery. Oral surgery will help drain the infected area and prevent the infection from spreading to other areas in your body. It can also reconstruct broken bones in the face and ensure that the damage does not result in an infection.

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Do You Need Plantation Oral Surgery?

Only trust the best oral surgeons when it comes to matters concerning your oral health and surgery. At Oral Facial Reconstruction, our team of experienced oral surgeons will guarantee that your Plantation oral surgery is a success and a pleasant experience. Contact us for inquiries, or to set up an appointment!