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To say the least, losing a tooth is a painful experience, but dental implants in Aventura, FL, can help you get over it. When you lose a tooth, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tooth replacement options available to you. Many patients consider the look, durability, and maintenance requirements when assessing their options. Dental implants outperform other procedures in all of these areas.


A Comparison of the Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Comfort

One of the most common complaints regarding dentures or bridges is that they are painful to wear. This could be caused by them rubbing against their tongues or gums, or it could also be caused by dentures moving around. The fact that dental implants are permanently placed and do not move makes them significantly more comfortable.

  • Maintenance Is Minimal

Teeth implants can be handled similarly to your natural teeth. It is important to floss and brush the implant. The gums and surrounding teeth are still exposed to bacterial attack, even though these artificial teeth are not prone to tooth decay. Keep the implant clean to keep the gums and teeth around it healthy.


  • Long process

The fact that dental implants need a lengthy procedure is one of its drawbacks. There is a large amount of healing that must take place when the implants are implanted. Because they wish to eat regularly and smile naturally again, some patients regard the protracted process as a negative.

  • Not Everyone Is a Suitable Candidate

While we would love to install dental implants for everyone who desires them, there are certain people who will not be able to do so. This can be due to medical and clinical issues that prevent them from doing so. It is best to ask your dental expert whether or not it is applicable to you.


Looking for the Best Dental Implants in Aventura FL?

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