Questions to Ask Before Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Your dentist will inform you whether you need a wisdom tooth extraction or not during an appointment. If you do, your dentist will schedule you for another appointment to give you time to get ready. As part of your preparation, you should ask the following questions, including if you should use IV sedation for wisdom teeth in Pembroke Pines.

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Can I Receive Sedation?

Sedation is available aside from anesthesia during wisdom teeth surgery. Some people are fine with just local anesthesia during the procedure. However, certain cases may require sedation to calm the patient down. Generally, sedation is an option for the following individuals:

  • People with dental anxiety
  • Hyperactive persons
  • People who have a low tolerance for pain
  • Patients due to undergo multiple oral procedures

If the thought of oral surgery puts you on edge, be sure to bring it up with your dentist before he begins the extraction.

Should Someone Drive Me Home?

Wisdom tooth removal is an outpatient operation. If you don’t use sedation, it is possible to drive yourself home, but we still suggest getting a ride so you can relax. However, individuals subjected to sedation will require someone else to drive them home. The drugs used in these procedures remain in effect several hours after the surgery and will impair cognitive and motor functions.

What Foods Should I Avoid Before and After Surgery?

There’s no fixed rule about what to eat 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. However, dentists advise you to fast and stop smoking at least 12 hours before your surgery. You should also avoid drinking alcohol the evening before to prevent resistance to anesthesia. After the procedure, you should limit your consumption to soft and liquid foods. The gums around your wisdom teeth are still tender from the removal and cannot tolerate heavy chewing. You should also avoid drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods immediately after your oral surgery. Last but not least, refrain from smoking for at least three days after the extraction.

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Learn More About IV Sedation for Wisdom Teeth in Pembroke Pines

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