Recognizing the Signs of Dental Anxiety

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You have nothing to fear from your regular dental appointment. However, it’s also true that some people find these visits with oral surgeons unnerving. For some people, Plantation oral surgery may feel terrifying and trigger feelings of anxiety.

Dentist consulting a patient in Plantation about oral surgery

What Are the Symptoms of Dental Anxiety?

There are various reasons why people would feel anxious about visiting the dentist. What you should learn, however, is how to recognize the signs of dental anxiety. When you recognize the symptoms, you can take steps to make the dentist visit as comfortable for them as possible. Below are some warning signs that a person may be suffering from dental anxiety:

Irrational Fear

Most people express fear of needles or anesthesia. Others may feel reservations about the close contact between themselves and the dentist. Some may even acknowledge that their anxiety is not normal, but they find it hard to overcome.

Avoiding the Appointment If They Can

Avoidance is a classic symptom of dental anxiety. Because of their apprehensions, people with dental anxiety will do everything to postpone or cancel the appointment. They will only go to the dentist when faced with severe pain or infection.

Intense Emotions About the Dental Appointment

An anxious person may exhibit intense emotions when they find out about the appointment. They may cry uncontrollably or have nervous breakdowns a day before oral surgery. In some cases, they will fall seriously ill when you inform them about their meeting with the dentist.

Communication Is Key

Communication is essential when you’re helping a person cope with anxiety. You should let the person express their emotions while lending a sympathetic ear. Anxious people often calm down when talking about what they feel with someone they can trust. They are also likely to go with you to the dentist when you’ve gained their trust.

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Do You or a Family Member Need Plantation Oral Surgery?

We at Oral Facial Surgery always make sure that you’re comfortable when you visit our clinic. We do our best to not make every appointment as seamless as possible for our patients. Call us now if you have any questions about our dental services.