Role of Dental Professionals in Oral Cancer Screening

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Globally, about one in every five deaths is attributable to cancer. Luckily, advances in technologies and treatment methods, slightly increase the survival rate of patients with cancer. When it comes to oral cancer detection, it is the dental practitioner who should first discover the symptoms. These symptoms are discoverable through an extensive oral cancer screening in Coral Springs.

Oral cancer screening coral springs

General Dental Practitioner’s Role

Detection and Referral

According to dental practitioners, oral cancer screening should be annually scheduled to make sure that there are no early signs of oral cancer. The foundation to early detection is regular screenings and examinations. Aside from these, patients are also required to provide dental and overall health history information.Additionally, dental practitioners should have a full grasp of the ability to diagnose signs and symptoms. They should know how to comprehend the varying presentations of oral cancer.

Dental Interventions

Upon discovering that you have signs of oral cancer, you will be presented to a team of dental practitioners. This team may include a dietician, speech and language therapist, restorative dentist, cancer nurse, anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist, and maxillofacial surgeon.Before you undergo any treatment, an expert in restorative dentistry will first assess your condition. Also, your standard preventive management will include daily interdental cleaning and the conduct of an excellent dental hygiene routine.

Treatment Care

Your team of professionals will provide you with dietary advice and other essential information that can prevent caries, infection, and inflammation. Your dentist may also prescribe you fluoride supplements to prevent decay buildups.Oral cancer treatment involves various procedures such as oncological treatment, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. There will be surgical intervention to guarantee that other areas of your body will not be infected. After the series of treatments, you will be advised to undergo intensive dental maintenance. Through this process, your maxillofacial prosthesis and remaining natural teeth will be preserved.

Oral cancer screening coral springs

Detect Early Signs through Oral Cancer Screening in Coral Springs

Supportive therapy, fluoride application, and personalized dental hygiene practices are essential in preserving your dental health. Book an appointment with Oral Facial Reconstruction and Implant Center to know more about oral cancer screening